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For years, affiliates have battled politicians who make decisions on how many fire fighters a community has, based on budget figures developed by number crunchers. In most cases, this flawed approach leaves the community short of the number of fire fighters needed to successfully protect the residents and businesses they serve.

In past decades, there were very few tools to make credible arguments in debates on this issue – beyond our own experience. But over the past few years, the IAFF has been leading the charge on scientific research to help community leaders better understand how to best protect the taxpaying public.

NFPA 1710 is the internationally accepted standard on minimum crew size and operational staffing for career fire departments. Telling the 1710 story is difficult, even to IAFF members but this video can be the key to start a discussion.

A new explainer video on the NFPA 1710 Standard – an essential tool for conveying the message that proper staffing levels are essential for keeping your community safe - promotes the science of fire fighting and educating policy makers through leaders and the media in your community.


“What’s the IAFF doing for me?”

March 8 · Public

Members ask all the time … “What’s the IAFF doing for me?” And while our union leaders don’t always take credit for the work they do for their members - just as fire fighters never want to brag about the job they do every day assisting the public – the question deserves an answer.
So we plan on using this space to answer that question over and over again.
Those asking the question generally want to know what their union is doing for them right now, but we are going to begin with the tremendous successes of those who came before us – because their sacrifices and efforts have created the incredible profession our members are a part of today.
This video chronicles our union’s great history. From the safety standards that protect your lives on the job every day to the progression from a 24/7 job with very little pay or benefits to scheduled duty days with fair pay. From health and pension benefits that reflect your sacrifice to studies linking cancer to the job of firefighting … this video shows the power of our united voice.
The simple fact is, this union – at all levels, with all of us working together – is still the driving force behind nearly every advance in the fire service and one of the strongest unions in the world. So keep coming back to find out why.

Watch the IAFF Century of Service video:
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